Payment Terms

The most important, Please pay on time.

Payment of the project will be detailed in the proposal and i have already clearly talked about it in the FAQ section under “Service” Page. Web development jobs require a 50% payment prior to commencement of the work, 25% due at design approval and the rest of the money, that’s 25% on completion and prior to the launch of the site. Invoices will be issued for the work.


Relationship of the Parties

We are going to get along 😉

The parties intend that an independent contractor relationship will be created by this contract, and that no partnership, joint venture or employee/employer relationship is intended or implied


Complettion Timeframe

Promises are meant to be kept unless its beyond our control

Usually, it takes only 4 to 5 weeks for the project to be completed depending on the complexity of the project. But, i  will always work very hard to make sure the project to be delivered by the agreed deadline – or before.  However, circumstances beyond my/our control – including major illness or family emergencies – may prevent me from getting work to you on time. I’ll inform you within 3 business days if any such events happen.  I’ll also work with you to minimise the impact on the project delivery.



You don’t wanna delay yourself

Essential content including text and specific images is to be supplied by the Client prior to commencement of development. Delays in delivery of content will extend time taken to complete the project. If additional content is supplied or major changes requested following the sign off of the mock up, additional charges will be at an hourly rate specified.


Intellectual property

It’s mine until we part ways

The services provided will remain the intellectual property of JamalDev Web Solution until all debts are cleared. I also reserve the right to refer to this project and your business name, and to use your logo and content for promotional or educational purposes.


Project Handover

Yours and only your approval

The client will review the completed site, and once it has been approved, the site will be launched.


Damages of the site after handover 

I won’t be held responsible

JamalDev Web Solutions does not, i repeat, i don’t take any responsibility for damages or errors made to the site by the client or a third party after the web site has been completed and handed over. Any re-correction made to your site by me will be charged.


Termination of Agreement

Hold promises tight

If a client terminates the agreement prior to completion of the web site, a calculation on work completed and unbilled will be made, including all work in progress, and this payment is required by the client within five(5) business days.


Forced Termination

That of beyond our control

No party under this agreement shall be liable for any breach of any provision of this contract arising from an act of God, natural disaster, terrorism, war, or any other occurrence beyond the control of any party.



Keeping your/my trust – even when the project’s finished.

If I’ve signed a separate confidentiality agreement with you, then that agreement will apply instead of this part. I won’t disclose, any information that you indicate is completely confidential. You won’t disclose any information about my pricing structure, or project documents.



Keeping in touch when your project is finished

I may add you to my email list to keep you updated on Jamaldev Web Studios’ work, and to check in with you sometimes.  You can unsubscribe at any time, and your email will be safe with me. Won’t pass it to anyone else.

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